June 2, 2007

Green Building Resources

There are a few organizations out there dedicated to Green Building. I'm just listing a few here which I found most useful:

The US Environmental Protection Agency has a website with good information about Environmental issues, toxic substances, environmental regulations and funding for environmental initiatives. It is a great place to start researching the basics of Green Building.

The US Green Building Council has a site which promotes education and the LEED building rating system, a benchmark for green buildings

The World Green Building Council is a union of a number of national green building councils andorganizes international congresses and the like.

Green Building - Getting Started

No, this is not about a structure with a thick coat of emerald, jade or celadon paint.It is about methods of building which are sustainable and kind to the environment.

This includes technologies which are related to building as well, systems for energy for example.

It is a place for notes and links to useful resources as well as the occasional article.

I hope you find it useful and interesting