May 23, 2005

Followup to Food

"The belly is the reason man does not so easily take himself for a god"
F. Nietzsche

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There is an entire world of blogs out there which are dedicated to food. I find it somewhat amazing that people are out there taking beautiful pictures of food - and then presumably - devouring it. So far the food blogs I've run into all have similar elements:

Pictures of food, descriptions of how food compensates or affects moods, links to other food bloggers, recipes, oh and did I mention pictures of food?

Another thing which is not universal but seems very widespread is that the majority of food blogs I've bumped into appear to be written by women.

Here are a random few which are examples of the art:

Of course with dining there is always the matter of etiqutte - this does not go neglected even in a virtual world:

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