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Date Math - DateAdd, ProjDateAdd in Microsoft Project

I just ran into someone having trouble making a custom formula in Microsoft Project. They were adding a duration to a date by using a + sign. For example: [Finish1]+[Duration1] The result they got was years in the future and... read more.

Microsoft Project VBA - the Instr function

The Instr function is used to find out if one set of characters (string) is contained in another. It can be used in VBA macros (in Word, Excel, Project etc.) and also in Microsoft Project and Microsoft Project Server Custom... read more.

MS Project Tip - Creating User-defined Filters

One of the most common activities with large schedule files is filtering them down to show the most important tasks. In most cases, important means immediate and many industries (the construction industry for example) a 3-week look ahead schedule showing... read more.

Microsoft Project Tip - Formulas and the IIF statement

IIF(immediate if) statements are one of the most commonly used functions in ms project formulas. An IIF statement is basically a condensed version of the "If ...Then .. Else" statement which is often used in programming. The iif statement takes... read more.

Telling Time - ProjDateDiff, VB DateDiff and Application.DateDifference

Date subtraction in VB, Project VBA and Project custom field formulas is one of the more common activities. Unfortunately there are a number of slightly different functions available. This article briefly describes the main three. It all starts with the... read more.

MS Project Tip - Renaming Fields

One thing that confuses people about Microsoft Project is that there is often more than one way to do things. Naming fields is one of those things. As far as I am concerned there is a right way and a... read more.

VBA - Integer Division and Mod

Many Microsoft Project users are not professional programmers so they might not be aware of some of the basics of visual basic. One of them which surprised me when I first ran across it was the "integer division" operator. Now... read more.

Working with Custom Field Formulas

The Fourth in a Series of Short Notes about Using Project VBA Technically the formulas in customized fields are not VBA, but they are quite similar. With Project 2000 Microsoft added the capability to have a field display the results... read more.

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