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On the Other Side of the Mountain

The MVP summit is over. The past two days were spent in Room 2668 with the Project developer team. At this stage in the development cycle spirits are high and there are a number of good ideas floating around. Most... read more.

Cramming for the Microsoft Project 2007 Certification Exam

foo... read more.

Eight Miles High - Microsoft MVP Summit

On my way up to Microsoft for the second week in a row. This week should be a bit less grueling if not less fattening. It is the time for the almost annual Microsoft MVP summit. This means a few... read more.

Microsoft Project 2007 Bugs - Project Server too...

So far there are a few bugs popping up in Project 2007 and Project Server 2007. Most are not showstoppers and wouldn't keep me from using it. If you run across one, Microsoft has set up a site for reporting... read more.

Microsoft Project 2007 Import Problems

There are a couple of problems importing data into Microsoft Project 2007. The first one is that importing an Excel 2007 file (in the new .xlsx format) does not work. The import appears to get hung up on some of... read more.

MS Project VBA - Trim Function

Solving a recent custom field formula problem required reaching into the toolbox and pulling out the trim() string function. Trim is one of the simplest string functions. It does one thing and does it well. It just strips any leading... read more.

Microsoft Project 2007 Released

First thing this week the Microsoft Office Project 2007 was released, and already Dale Howard and Gary Chefetz at ProjectServer Experts have a book out. I'll post a review as soon as I get my hands on a copy, but... read more.

How to Change Cell Background color in MS Project

Changing the background color for a task cell in Microsoft Project is now a two-step process: Step 1 - Upgrade to Microsoft Project 2007 - you just can not do this in Project 2003 or earlier. Step 2 - Rightclick... read more.

MS Project 2007 - Changing Working Time

For the past few versions of Microsoft Project (Project 2000, Project 2002, Project 2003) the changes to the desktop application have been fairly minor. But Project 2007 shows that some attention is again being paid to the desktop user. One... read more.

Microsoft Project Tips: Hiding Resource Percentages

Once in a while the resource percentage showing on the task bar becomes too much. If you are wondering what I mean, take a look at this screen shot: See how each resource has the percentage shown after it? That... read more.

MS Project 2007 Change Highlighting and the Interim Plan

Microsoft Project 2007 has a new feature called "Change Highlighting". It shows how a change to one task affects others which have dependencies on it. For example, the screenshot below shows how changing Task A from one day to two... read more.

Microsoft Project 2007 VBA Help now Available Online

Microsoft Project 2007 (and the rest of Office 2007) were released over the weekend (Nov. 12, 2006) and while it will take until early next year to make it through the retail channels you can at least get started with... read more.

Project Management by Microsoft

At the 2006 PMI Global Conference a few days ago, Microsoft announced three new Microsoft Project 2007 Certifications. The details are a bit hazy as Project 2007 won't be released until next year, but the basic idea is that: Three... read more.

Waiting for Project 2007 - tick tock tick

Is it just me who thinks things are moving slowly? I know they have to tie the release into the release of Office 2007 which was pushed out just like Vista, but the public presence and excitement around Project 2007... read more.

Microsoft Project Performance Limitations

Someone was wondering the other day whether the limit on tasks in project would be constrained by the possible number of Unique ID's. They were concerned that the unique ID might be stored as a 16 bit number and that... read more.

PMI Practice Standard for Scheduling Required Components

In reviewing the PMI Practice Standard for Scheduling I came across their proposal for which components would be required for a schedule to be considered "minimally acceptable". The good news is that most of these fall out of any modern... read more.

Changing Cell background color in Microsoft Project

Yes, along with multiple undo, the ability to format cells with a background color and pattern will be here in Project 2007 which has an expected release date sometime in early 2007. The Beta2 release was yesterday and a new... read more.

Microsoft Project 2007 Example Project Templates

Lidiane's Microsoft Project 2007 Blog announces some of the new templates to be included in Proj 2007. From the titles you can see that the targets are getting deeper into HR, Marketing, IT and Legal areas. I hope these templates... read more.

Microsoft Office Project 2007 Webcasts coming up

Treb's blog notes that there are a couple of interesting webcasts coming up. The first is an overview of Office Project Server 2007, presumably covering what you need to know about how all of the server and client processes tie... read more.

Microsoft Office Project 2007 Beta expected this spring

According to Lidiane, the public beta will be available this "spring" which means sometime in the next couple months. The best way to get the beta is to sign up here http://www.microsoft.com/office/preview/default.mspx and they will let you know when it... read more.

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