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New Fields in Microsoft Project 2010

To accomodate the new features in Project 2010 there have been some new fields introduced. Here they are with some idea of what they are used for: Active - Used to designate if a task is active or inactive. A... read more.

Project 2010 Tips and Tricks Webcast

In case you missed the live event, here is the link to the webcast I did earlier this month: http://www.microsoft.com/events/series/epm.aspx?tab=Webcasts&seriesid=51&webcastid=12426 It covers how you can best use some of the new functionality in Project 2010 including the new interface, the... read more.

Project Server 2010 Technical Requirements

The key points: 64-bit only running on 64-bit Windows Server 2008 or 64-bit Windows Server 2008 R2 with a 64-bit SQL Server 2008 or 64-bit SQL Server 2005 to hold the databases. IE 7 or IE8 as the browser -... read more.

Date Math - DateAdd, ProjDateAdd in Microsoft Project

I just ran into someone having trouble making a custom formula in Microsoft Project. They were adding a duration to a date by using a + sign. For example: [Finish1]+[Duration1] The result they got was years in the future and... read more.

Making the move from VBA to VSTO in Microsoft Project

One of the most useful features of Microsoft Project is the ability to automate actions with it. Primarily this is done by writing VBA (Visual Basic for Applications) code, or by just recording a macro and then editing the VBA... read more.

Analyze Microsoft Project Resource Usage Data In Excel

The "Analyze Timescaled Data In Excel" add-in which ships with Microsoft Project has a couple of limitations, the first is that it is not easy to find, and the second is that it is task-based only, so if you want... read more.

Views and Tables in Microsoft Project

There is often some confusion about the difference between a view and a table in Microsoft Project. This should help clarify the difference between the two. A view consists of a number of potential elements: A screen (the right side... read more.

OpenProj First Look

Projity is introducing a new free MS Project compatible scheduling program which they bill as "a complete open source desktop replacement of Microsoft Project". I have tried the beta briefly (https://www.projity.com/openproj/) and I like what I see. While it... read more.

VBA Writing to a text file (MS Project, Excel)

One common question is how do I write from an office app like Excel or Project to a text file. I have the code embedded in a few samples here, but this short sample shows it most clearly. There are... read more.

Schedule Assumptions

Have you ever thrown out an old project schedule? Have you ever had to start from scratch? Have you ever had to look at a schedule with no supporting documents and tell if it is "OK" and be unable to... read more.

MS Project Tip - Creating User-defined Filters

One of the most common activities with large schedule files is filtering them down to show the most important tasks. In most cases, important means immediate and many industries (the construction industry for example) a 3-week look ahead schedule showing... read more.

Microsoft Project Tip - Formulas and the IIF statement

IIF(immediate if) statements are one of the most commonly used functions in ms project formulas. An IIF statement is basically a condensed version of the "If ...Then .. Else" statement which is often used in programming. The iif statement takes... read more.

Working with the Project Object

The Second in a Series of Short Notes About Using Project VBA Using a Project object of some kind is essential to programming Project. Like the Task object, it is also a member of a collection, in this case it... read more.

Working with the Tasks Collection

The First in a Series of Short Notes About Using Project VBA The tasks collection is simply a collection of all the tasks in a project. It is the starting point for most Visual Basic programming exercises so it is... read more.

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