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Plum Blossoms in Winter

... read more.

February Flowers

People from colder climates come to the Bay Area and claim that we don't have seasons here. But that is not true. You can almost tell the day of the month from some of the trees around here. This... read more.

Between Solstice and Year End

... read more.

San Francisco Bay Bridge Cut-Over this weekend

OK, it's only an opportunity to show a few photos I took of the temporary section a while back, but they are closing the Bay Bridge to reroute traffic onto a new temporary section so that the rest of the... read more.

Travel can make you weary...

Click image to see at larger size American Desert A dry riverbed hazy through summer skies tracing a path to a white lake. A circle of green laid out by a length of pipe awaiting the mower. Through a... read more.

Two Landscapes

Flying is a different way to look at the world. For much of it (passing through security, waiting at the gate, boarding etc.) I wish I could close my eyes and make it go away, but the view through... read more.

Mossbrae Falls

After that last post things were looking a bit dry around here. So this shot of Mossbrae Falls near Mount Shasta which I took in April should do the trick.... read more.

Better Than Me

At a recent event I looked through all the pictures on my camera. It turns out that my 9 year old is better than me. I THINK this is a good thing, but I'm not so sure.. This is... read more.

Longest and Shortest Day of the Year

Summer is finally here in the Northern Hemisphere - Friday being the longest day of the year and one of the hottest so far. However, we should not forget that it is the beginning of Winter in the Southern... read more.

Las Vegas as an oyster

I visited Las Vegas for the first time this last week and my first impression was that it is a city that works very hard to keep you inside. Finding the exit to a casino is an adventure in... read more.

I'm faster

This jelly fish spends its life in a glass box in the Monterey Aquarium. I spend my life in a box that has fabric panels that you can stick pins in. The jelly fish gets more admiration. But it... read more.

Golden Glow

I heard my blog doesn't look as good as it used to so I'll post a few pictures while you are all waiting for my next post on formatting your gantt chart.This is the Golden Gate Bridge in fog... read more.

Coming Home

One thing I like about airports is moving walks. This one is in the connection between the International Terminal and the International Parking Garage at SFO. It is the last of the airport that I see when coming home.... read more.


Rain knocked most of them down, but spring must be here already, or is it a dream?... read more.

Coral Bark Maple - Sango Kaku

This is the time of year the bark on this tree is the reddest and with no leaves it shows very brightly against the sky. Of course it also has a quieter side.... read more.

It does it every December - Ginkgo Biloba Tree

Click to see larger sizes The Ginkgo tree dates back about 270 Million years, before the age of the dinosaurs. So for 270 million Decembers the trees have been turning a buttery yellow (yes, long long before there even was... read more.

Cherry Blossoms by the light of the Moon

It seems to be raining almost everyday. So the only time you can go outside is at night. This was taken late last night by the light of the moon and a streetlight. The cherry blossoms seem to have... read more.

What better sign of Spring?

Prunus yedoensis "Akebono"... read more.

Wisteria Macrobotrys after the Rain

Friday is a slow day and I have no Friday humor to share so here is a picture of one of my favorite spring flowers, wisteria. This was taken just after a torrential downpour: Click on the picture for some... read more.

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