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Taking and Passing the PMP Exam Part 16 How I passed the PMP Exam

I'm getting a bit out of order here because I just passed the exam without finishing my series on how to pass, but I'd like to jot down a few impressions of the exam while it is fresh in my... read more.

PMP Certification Exam Experience Requirements Spreadsheet

One of the most tedious parts of applying for the PMP exam is filling out the application. It requests a bunch of information about each project you have worked on. The worst part is that it presents it one screen... read more.

Personal PMP test takers

There is no better reminder that I've neglected my series on passing the PMP Certification Exam than a stream of readers searching for cheats, tips and now, "Personal PMP test takers". It can't be that hard can it? A coach... read more.

Taking the PMP Exam - Appendix B - Contract Types

Understanding the type of contract you are working under or to use on your project is one of the more important elements of Project Management. After all, the contract sets the scope and compensation and what could be more essential... read more.

Taking the PMP Exam - Part 14 - The Examination Specification

OK it is up on the PMI reading list site now, so no need to purchase it anymore, and purchasing it would be a mistake as it is of little use once you pass the exam. It is also surprisingly... read more.

Taking the PMP Exam - Part 13 - How the PMP Exam is constructed

Like any project, the PMP examination required that some sort of scope be set. The document which set the scope for the project is the Project Management Profession Examination Specification. I covered this in Part 12 if you need the... read more.

Taking the PMP Exam - Part 12 - The PMP Examination Specification

No sooner do I mention that the references available on PMI's eReads and Reference section are dated than they publish a notice stating they will be removed and replaced with two references. The first is the ALL IMPORTANT PMP Examination... read more.

Taking the PMP Exam - Part 11 - PMO's Programs and Portfolios

I think that passing the PMP exam requires attention towards the context that the PMI believes Project Managers exist in. That context is a hierarchy of strategic plans (at the top), portfolios of programs or projects, projects and subprojects. Other... read more.

Taking the PMP Exam - Appendix A -Exam Guides

I've mentioned that I'm planning on taking the PMP exam by reading nothing but the PMBOK, but there are a number of exam guides and prep course books out there so I'm going to list them here for the use... read more.

Taking the PMP Exam - Part 9 - Areas of Expertise

The PMBOK claims that effective project management requires drawing upon 5 areas of expertise.: The Project Management Body of Knowledge Knowledge of the application area, standards and regulations Understanding the project environment General management knowledge and skills Interpersonal skills These... read more.

Taking the PMP Exam - Part 8 - What is Project Management

Time to suspend disbelief again or more correctly prepare your mind for acceptance of the gospel... What is Project Management? The PMBOK tells us that the goal is to meet project requirements through the execution of project activities and project... read more.

Taking the PMP Exam - Part 7 - PMBOK Introduction and What is a Project

We finished the Preface and now it is on to the introduction. Usually this sort of stuff is unimportant, but remember, we are reading the PMBOK for clues on how to pass the PMP exam. Understanding the Project Management "Bible"... read more.

Taking the PMP Exam - Part 6 - Downloading the PMBOK

Switching to a Windows-based computer cleared up my edit problem. Now let's start from the start. It is my hypothesis that you can pass the PMP exam with only experience and a careful reading of the Guide to the PMBOK.... read more.

Taking the PMP Exam - Part 5 - PMI Standards or the lack thereof

OK, PMI got back to me with hours to spare on their 5 business day service level. Now I take the information I got and plug it into their website. Hooray! I'm in. But the data is old. Let me... read more.

Taking the PMP Exam - Part 4 - Customer Satisfaction

No word yet from PMI on fixing my login/connection problems, but then there was a long weekend... To entertain you all in the meantime I have a random search that brought someone here. It is perhaps my bad habit to... read more.

Taking the PMP Exam - Part 2 - Joining PMI

Some basic math: PMP Exam - PMI Member = $405 PMP Exam - Nonmember = $555 PMP Membership = $119 + $10 first time fee $555 > $405 + $119 + $10 This teaches us that the first step in... read more.

Taking the PMP Exam - Part 1 - Getting Started

The starting point for this journey is the PMI's site. You can get there by going to http://pmi.org. From there it is a short hop to the PMP credential page. PMI is a bit paranoid about their materials, so I... read more.

Taking the PMP Exam N*ked - Part 0

I've been a critic of the PMI's PMP exam for nearly as long as it existed. (You can read past writings here) but I see a world where people actually take it seriously, so in the spirit of "if you... read more.

How to cheat on the pmp exam?

OK, I know people are out there looking for free study material and even bootleg copies of the PMBOK, but it is a bad sign for the profession when I get people coming to this site trying to find out... read more.

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