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5 Good Reasons to use Earned Value and 5 Reasons not to

You are getting paid based on it - when your work is tied to a schedule of payments for a set of measureable work it is just a short step away to set up earned value, and it offers... read more.

PM Web #001 - Glen B. Alleman's Herding Cats

Introduction: First in a series of reviews of Project Management web resources. For the full list click here "Herding Cats" Herding Cats is Glen Alleman's blog about Project Management. The sub-title "Ideas, Comments, and Resources about Project Management from field... read more.

Books to Consider – Decision Making

I'm in the business of improving project management. That generally means there needs to be change in an organization. One of the most difficult things is getting people to decide to change. This book helps: Sources of Power: How People... read more.

Taking and Passing the PMP Exam - Part 15 - PMBOK version 4

Long time readers may recall how I despise adore PMP certification, but I'm still going through the process. And there is a new twist, PMBOK Version 4 has been released. If you have not taken the PMP exam by now,... read more.

Seeing Other Scheduling Software

Project, this is hard to say because, you know, we've been together for so long. I mean, I was there when you graduated from High School back in '98 and started getting "fully featured" with some of the stuff that... read more.

Project Management Office and the Monorail

With the current economic situation examples of government public works projects such as the WPA (Works Progress Administration) are in the air and it got me thinking about what the biggest benefits of such projects are. It seems to... read more.

The Cashmere Bikini

There once was a King who asked his two tailors for the finest materials in the land... Oh forget it... Recently a couple of EPM research reports have crossed my inbox. The first is Gartner's Magic Quadrant for IT Project... read more.

Project Management Immaturity Model

I usually save the humor until Friday, but Crispin (Kik) Piney sent me a copy of his Project Management Immaturity Model which lists the maturity levels that other models such as CMMI and OPM3 leave out. Read it and learn... read more.

All your models are belong to us

I was writing a note to someone about the use of PERT and Monte Carlo simulation in Microsoft Project and it made me think about how willing people are to accept simple models. As Box and Draper said "All models... read more.

Swanson's uh... W.L King's Unwritten Rules

Cleaning out the queue of old articles that I never got around to publishing: This set of rules was "unwritten" by Raytheon CEO Bill Swanson, but it turned out that it he cribbed a number of them from W. L.... read more.

Top Ten Mistakes Made by a New PMO Manager

It being Friday, it seems a good time to add to the store of project management humor. The following is from William Duncan: Top Ten Mistakes Made by a New PMO Manager (with tongue mostly in cheek): 10. Selling his/her... read more.

The Lifeless Project Life Cycle

"Project Life Cycle" is a misnomer as far as I am concerned, but digging around the origins of that term brings up some interesting ideas. Why is it that "Life Cycle" was chosen? There are plenty of other things which... read more.

Project Management Consulting at Pcubed

I've started working at Pcubed in their San Francisco office. You can now officially put me in the category of Project Management Consultant. With almost a whole two weeks under my belt I'm noticing a few differences between being an... read more.

Principles vs. Rules

On the Critical Chain Project Management group I was suspected of being unprincipled because I made some disparaging remarks about rules (My view is that operating based on rules is less effective than operating on principles. Project Management is not... read more.

The best Project Management article I've read this year

Yes, so the year is still young, but if you don't take some time and read Hal Macomber's article on the pain of adopting new ideas you are missing something. It may not apply directly to that you are doing,... read more.

Podcasts for Project Managers

Hmmm... podcasting? I thought you don't listen to podcasts? Well, today I did. I started with one from Cornelius Fichtner (www.thepmpodcast.com) and also one from Dina Henry Scott (controllingchaos.com). I'm not sure why, but they make me want to put... read more.

Theory of Constraints and Wholesale Adoption

I'm listening to a podcast (from www.thepmpodcast.com) about Critical Chain Project management and hear from Allen Elder the familiar contention that when implementing Critical Chain in an organization "Pilots don't work". The reason given is that people are judged on... read more.

Glen's Book List

In the small world of Project Management Bloggers, the thing which most passes for a year-end tradition is Glen Alleman's book list. You can find it here: Books of 2006 It is definitely worth taking a look at. My reading... read more.

Taking the PMP Exam - Part 9 - Areas of Expertise

The PMBOK claims that effective project management requires drawing upon 5 areas of expertise.: The Project Management Body of Knowledge Knowledge of the application area, standards and regulations Understanding the project environment General management knowledge and skills Interpersonal skills These... read more.

Taking the PMP Exam - Part 8 - What is Project Management

Time to suspend disbelief again or more correctly prepare your mind for acceptance of the gospel... What is Project Management? The PMBOK tells us that the goal is to meet project requirements through the execution of project activities and project... read more.

Taking the PMP Exam - Part 7 - PMBOK Introduction and What is a Project

We finished the Preface and now it is on to the introduction. Usually this sort of stuff is unimportant, but remember, we are reading the PMBOK for clues on how to pass the PMP exam. Understanding the Project Management "Bible"... read more.

Project Management by Microsoft

At the 2006 PMI Global Conference a few days ago, Microsoft announced three new Microsoft Project 2007 Certifications. The details are a bit hazy as Project 2007 won't be released until next year, but the basic idea is that: Three... read more.

Project Managing the World

In someways it appears that the US administration is starting to treat the situation in Iraq as a "PROJECT". They are talking about setting up mutually agreed upon milestones for achieving "security" (forgive me for the "quotes". I just use... read more.

Swimming to Cambozola

I swam a bit more than a mile today. Swimming in a pool is among the most boring of activities as the scenery never changes and there is no talking with your head underwater. A mile is about 70 laps... read more.

Agile - a rat on a skewer

Steve at Google has posted something thatlooks like it is getting a fair amount of attention. The basic thesis is that Agile is just a pretty handkerchief for the consulting wizards to wave over a hat as they make their... read more.

The one best way to manage projects

There is one best way to manage projects. There is one best way to plan. There is one best way to develop new products. There is one best way to engineer software. There is one best way to drink beer.... read more.

Biggering and Biggering

At a certain point projects get too big for some people and they just can't handle it anymore. One example is Windows Vista which has slipped extensively over the past year or so. And to the people on the inside... read more.

Project Management takes a Summer Vacation

Not sure if the other project management writers are on a permanent vacation or not, but I haven't seen much in the way of new work in the past month or so. Personally I've just been resting on a branch... read more.

The most valuable project management tool

At least in my opinion it is not Microsoft Project. I'm starting to think that trust is the most valuable tool in the Project Manager's bag. I'm not sure where talks about that in the PMBOK though. The more uncertain... read more.

Schedule Assumptions

Have you ever thrown out an old project schedule? Have you ever had to start from scratch? Have you ever had to look at a schedule with no supporting documents and tell if it is "OK" and be unable to... read more.

PM Aphorisms and a house built of straw

I've written before that project management types like aphorisms and numbered lists. It continues to be true. Part of the appeal is that aphorisms come with an assumption that they are universally true. As W. H. Auden stated: "The aphorist... read more.

More about Project Management Aphorisms

Bob Ashley has a nice ran^H^H^Hcomment on Project Management aphorisms here. I'll leave out the part about dying flowers, Tom Peters, Marshall Goldsmith and fantasy fulfilment and just choose this part: In conclusion, I think we're enthralled with the aphoristic... read more.

More Sweetness and Simplification

I wrote earlier about the propensity of Project Management types to adopt checklists to explain and (I assume) inspire themselves. I keep finding new examples. Am I just convincing myself that it is more common then it really is? I... read more.

Project Management Aphorisms

What is it about "Project Management People" that causes them to express themselves in aphorisms? For an example check out this blog. Is there not enough truth that they feel compelled to make up some more? Is it that an... read more.

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