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Durian, the King of Fruits


Durian is one of the most controversial fruits. This is due to its incredible smell which has been described using words like "sickening", "putrid" and "gross". Indeed it is true. The smell of the inside of the durian is so strong that some hotels bar guests from bringing it into their hotel room. I once kept a couple pieces closed in a plastic bag in a hotel mini-bar in Thailand and the smell remained for days.

For the price of enduring this smell, the reward is what some consider to be the "King of the Fruits", a creamy textured almost custard-like flesh with an aftertaste that will remind you of it for the better part of an afternoon. It is certainly an acquired taste.

Another factor leading to its kingly status is the size and shape of it. Durian is typically the size of a small watermelon and is covered with thorny spikes. Cutting through to the meat inside takes a large knife and good technique. Inside are a few kidney shaped chunks which are the edible part. They are covered with a thin membrane and aren't too difficult to separate from the woody outer covering.

As memorable and stately as the durian is, I really prefer the queen of fruits, the small round purplish mangosteen which has all of the creamy texture of the durian with a sweet refreshing pure taste.

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    How many calories are in a durian
    I think that would depend on the size and how much you ate. I'd guess that the calorie density is probably about the same as a mangosteen, but there is obviously a lot more fruit in a durian. Durian size also varies considerably. -Jack


    what is the units for this fruit


    what is the units for this fruit?

    Good question! Durian are usually measured in gags. For example you might say "that is a five gag durian" for one which is of medium size. A group of durians is often referred to as a gaggle for this reason despite the obvious dissimilarity with geese. Hope that helps!


    there are some people who do not like to durian fruit,,, but tasty durian including fruit, there are also some people who have certain diseases and avoid this durian fruit,,, actually,,, what is contained in this durian fruit, and why many people who avoid

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