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How to use Visegrip pliers

A couple people have shown up here searching wondering how to use vise grips. So here you go:
  • Close the pliers
  • Loosen the knob at the back to the point where the jaws are open approximately as large as the item you intend to grip. If the knob is too tight, then open the pliers first to get it started. You squeeze the little lever next to the handle to open the pliers if they are locked.
  • Open the pliers.
  • Grab the item you want to grab.
  • Try and close the pliers. If you can't close them, then open and back the knob off a half turn or so until they can close with a firm grip. If they don't lock on, then open them and tighten the knob a bit then close again.
That is all there is to it. All the vise grip pliers work on the same principle so you learn one and you know them all.
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    Gary Dennert:

    what year was the vise-grip and where was it made at

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