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Making a new strap for an old Rolleiflex camera


Rolleiflexes often came with a leather "EverReady" case - often dubbed "NeverReady" because they are hard to put on and take off to do something as simple as put in a new roll of film. Mine is old and cracked and useless, so I needed a new strap and this is the one I made.

Get a strip of latigo leather - this is the type of leather that belts and straps are typically made of and is stronger than some of the other types.

With a skivver (a sort of leather shaver) or a knife or a plane (what I used), thin the leather down at the ends until it fits through the guides on the side of the camera.

Punch a hole the size of the post and then make a slit above the hole to make room to fit it over the head of the post.

Then slip the leather through the guide and work the post through the hole and slit you made.

I made two short pieces which fit on each side and joined them with a buckle to make a short hand strap. I also made a longer piece which can buckle onto the ends of the short pieces to extend it and convert to a neck strap.

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    Glad you're back! The last entry I saw was in 2008, and I was worried the blog had lapsed. Not so. Please keep it up -- appreciate your point of view.


    Hi, by mistake i took a look at your blog, you know, it is very interesting the way you look the things, for example, I got a HP12c calculator, that I guess will survive me, has the same set of batteries, since i got it (loooong time ago) and thats the kind of things I like, (sounds nerdy, i know), fuss free, fashiong free, trouble free, and I get to like things that does not fail, simple like a pen or a wrist watch that maybe just tell the hour...

    Good blog, greetings!!
    (forgive my english, i am not very familiar with the language)


    Great Idea! I have an old Rolleiflex Camera myself and just love the thing. Most times I jsut bought a new strap (by most times I mean once...) but I like the creativity in this. Keep it up.

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