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Movable Type Delete Spam Internal Error

Every so often I get so many junk comments that the movabletype software chokes on it and will give an "Internal Error" when I try to view or delete the spam comments. The answer is to work with the database directly and issue a SQL statement to delete them.

The hardest part is just finding out how to log into the database. Once you do that (my hosting provider provides the phpmyadmin interface, but you can query the database directly if you know the user id and login. Then just run the following command and all the bad old comments are gone.

Delete FROM `mt_comment` WHERE `comment_junk_status` = -1

I just killed off a couple thousand.

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    Thanks for this. I was getting the same internal error getting rid of my blog spam comments and found that this was a great way to get rid of 14,387 junk comments

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