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New Tools - Crescent Sliding Wrench


Here is another update to a tool which has been unchanged for years - the Crescent Wrench. The slider on the handle opens and closes the wrench. Sliding the handle rotates a bronze rod which turns the worm gear which controls the wrench opening. Having the adjust be so quick and positive is really an improvement.

Another nice feature is the scale on the wrench face which tells how wide it is open. One side is marked in inches and the other in millimeters. This is useful when you are trying to figure out what size wrench to use after you have rounded the corners with the Crescent wrench.

The only negative about this wrench is the added bulk and weight. I think that the convenience and speed of adjustment more than make up for it though.


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Steve Malmberg:

This type of wrench has been around in specialty stores for at least 20 years. The only problem i found is that the worm gears are not able to be tight enough so there is slack which is not a good thing when you are trying to avoid rounding a bolt head.

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