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Preview Extractor

If you use a Nikon digital SLR you are probably aware that you can have your pictures stored in memory in as .jpg files or as "RAW" files (.NEF) or as both. The NEF file format is what the data comes out of the sensor is before a processing engine either within the camera or on a computer translates it into a form which can be widely viewed or printed. Typically the NEF file takes up a lot more space than a jpg would as it is less compressed and also because they already have jpg files embedded in them.

PreviewExtractor can be useful here. Simply choose to only shoot in .NEF format and use Preview extractor to nearly instantly grab the embedded jpg's for things like emailing or posting on the web. Very quick, very simple, and free, but if you like it consider a donation to the author.

As a special bonus, PreviewExtractor is also capable of determining how many shots you have taken with a particular camera by reading a tag within the file.

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    gary carr:

    Can you download PreviewExtractor to
    Mac OS X?

    I do not think so. -Jack

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