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Tale of two cycles

It was the best of times

It was the worst of times

In the 70's I liked things on two wheels. I always wanted a nice bicycle with chrome forks and stays, Reynold's 531 tubing and alloy rims. But I didn't have one.

Instead I had a Yamaha RD400 with alloy rims, drilled brake disks and clubman handlebars. I had a great time on it, even though it wanted to throw you off the back when you twisted the throttle too hard.

But times have changed. Now, courtesy of a local garage sale I have that 70's bicycle with chrome forks and stays, 531 tubing and a Brooks Professional seat. The flexy French PX10 Peugeot is as vintage as it can get. But on the other hand, I don't have an RD400, just the memory.


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Hey I had both! An RD400 and a custom bike made from Reynolds 531 Professional, Brooks saddle and Shimano Dura Ace components. In fact I still have it 35 years later and it still ridea just as well (but the Yami's gone...)

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