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Ridgid 2610 6 inch Random Orbital Sander Review


Pictured is a Ridgid 2610 6 inch Random Orbital Sander (ROS). As with a large number of things nowadays, it isn't really made BY Ridgid, but is actually made in West Germany by Metabo. It is very nearly the same as their highly regarded Metabo SXE 450 Duo sander. The Metabo isn't easy to find in the US, but this tool can be picked up off the shelf at Home Depot for less money than the Metabo. As far as sanders go it is the best I've used. The positives are:

  • Smooootth - vibration and noise are minimal.
  • Adjustable - the orbital motion can be set to 1/4" or 1/8" eccentricity to allow fast removal or fine work
  • Positive dust collection hookup - the dust collector adapter has a twist lock connection so the hose doesn't come loose like some other brands. Adapter fits both 2" and 1 1/4" hose.
  • Massive - this helps when sanding flat surfaces...(see negatives)
  • Convenient - small touches like the illuminated plug identifier and the velco cord wrap just make life a bit easier when you have it plugged in with a bunch of other stuff. The removable front handle comes off easily to fit into corners better (not shown in picture)
  • Solid - I haven't used it for several years yet, but it certainly feels as if it can go the distance.

There are a few things which are not ideal about it however. In my opinion they are minor compared to the other benefits:

  • Does it have to be orange?
  • The mass which is useful on horizontal surfaces (basically it sands under it's own power and you just float it over to where you want it to sand) has to be overcome when working vertically. Being a 6" instead of a 5" is the biggest factor here.
  • 6" sandpaper is slightly less common so you may not see as much available if your local store has a limited selection of disks

Some thing to be careful of is that the 5" ridgid ROS is NOT the same. It is built to a different level of specification and was built in an entirely different factory in an entirely different country. In the future the 2610 or its follow-on may be built differently. Look for the "made it West Germany" marking and check the build quality in person if a new model comes out.

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    "Does it have to be orange?"

    That's the main reason I buy Rigid!! ;)

    Tim Moyer:

    I went to HomeDepot to buy the ridgid 6" orbital sander and found it to be made in China, not West Germany. Does this mean this is a different sander then the one that you talked about above? Please let me know ASAP because my project has already started. Thank you for your time and information.

    Yes, check the model number carefully. the 2610 is from Germany, the 2611 is from China. -Jack

    harold monroe paintig:

    I have two 6 inch rigid random orbital sanders, i need the replacement hook and loop pads, where do i get these.

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