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If I had a hammer... Estwing Framing Hammer

No one seems to use framing hammers that much anymore. Air-powered nailers can tack things together more quickly and without disturbing the work by banging on it. But the framing hammer should not be forgotten even if it is not just used for framing. With their substantial mass they are great for demolition or heavy hammering. In both of these cases my favorite hammer is one of these:

The simple reason is that they are nearly indestructable. The nylon vinyl grip lasts forever. The head and shaft are one piece so the head can never come loose and even if you leave it out in the rain for a year or two you can just scrub off the surface rust and keep hammering. A wooden handle would never survive. Of course there is a downside. With such a solid piece of steel vibration is probably higher than you might get from wooden or composite handles, and the blue plastic handle is not as pretty as the leather or polished wood on some designer hammers, but as a basic big hammer, this is about the best I've seen.

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    Ed Holtzhauser:

    Hi, I have an old claw hammer that looks like an Estwing It says "McClung Special" on the head. Trying to get some information about it,

    Patrick A. Murray:

    I've had the same Estwing 20 oz. hammer since early 80's.. It's as great as the day I purchased it. I am currently using it on a job now.


    I've had my Estwing hammer since I was 17 now 28 but sometimes it gets rust on it is there something like an oil or laquer I can put on it to stop it from happening?

    A light coat of oil or wd40 before you put it away will help. I wouldn't bother though. - Jack

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