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Milwaukee Magnum 1/2" Drill Model 0234-6 Review


Mikwaukee Holeshooter... How do I love thee? Let me count the ways:

  1. Built like a rock (compare to the newer model 0300-20 which is clearly "value-engineered" and it shows)
  2. Never ever needs charging
  3. Regular old-fashioned keyed Jacobs chuck. A keyless chuck is not appropriate for the amount of torque this puts out.
  4. Trigger as smooth as any I've ever used
  5. Lasts almost forever. I've seen these in heavy use for more than a decade.
  6. Quik-loc feature is handy if you are the type that damages cords, otherwise it is a small pain, but at least you are sure that it is unplugged
  7. Great balance, if not a little heavy. You can use it one handed without the side handle.
  8. Powerful enough to handle most drilling jobs and even mixing drywall mud and the like
  9. Smooth from the lowest speed to the highest
  10. Brush replacement can't get much simpler than this

This is really one of those tools you want to buy once. Spend a bit more for it because it is built to outlast the others, even newer tools from Milwaukee. Ignore the 5.5 amps vs. 8 amps difference and pick this one over the Model 0300. It is a pound lighter and has a more robust side handle. The model 300 is awkwardly positioned between the 0234 and the larger and more powerful Hole Hawg series. 8 amps is really too much to hold with one hand for long. As for comparison with others like Dewalt DW235G (too light and cheap feeling - pick one up and see), Hitachi D13VF (too heavy and powerful for a handheld- will break your wrist) or even the Bosch 1013VSR (cheezy side handle and not so comfortable to hold), there isn't really much comparison.

This (and a 3/8" close quarter drill like this) will pretty much cover everything you need up to the point you are driving big self-feeding bits and bracing the drill against your thigh. They really got it right and there is a good reason that the tool has remained in production for more than 15 years. I think I bought the one shown in the picture (it is a model 0234-1) in 1990 or so and the new ones are almost exactly the same. At the time I wrote this, Amazon was selling it for $99. How can you beat that?!

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    just bought one on this and other recommendations but it was a milwaukee chuck not jacobs


    This same drill was given to me many years ago, it was already very used, but I can say I have put it through total hell and it still runs strong. I like the snap on cord, after abusing the cord for years, I bought a new one and just snapped it on, nice.. Mine says 4.5A and it does have a Jacobs chuck its the older 0234-1. It's the best tool I have ever owned and if I do ever have to put it to rest, I know exactly which new drill I'll be looking for. Thanks Milwaukee.


    I wholly concur on the Milwaukee Magnum's great attributes. I got mine in about 1987 and have used it for everything from driving drywall and woodworking screws to drilling in old concrete. I certainly haven't tested its mettle like a pro, but I've always been more than satisfied with it.

    I especially agree on the marvelous torque it exhibits. I received an unforgettable lesson in that regard the very first time I went to use it, remembering how I'd learned ten years earlier to tighten and loosen a drill chuck (prior to the keyless chuck introduction) by holding the chuck while revving the motor. It just about took my wrist off! I never tried that again!

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