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Two Headed Japanese Nailset - Nitoku Kugshime

japanese nailset nitokukugshime.jpg

One of the things that is wrong with ordinary nailsets is that the hammer is too far from the head of the nail. This gives more room for a glancing blow. The solution is to use a Japanese nailset (also called a nitokukugishime 二徳釘しめ) which has both the traditional long orientation, but also can be used the short way. This gives a very positive and secure feel, especially useful when dealing with air-driven brads or finish nails which can have a tendency to bend if not struck just right.

There are a couple of other less obvious advantages. The right angle and the square cross section give a good grip and keep it from rolling away from you. The larger size and smooth taper lets you use it as a wedge or as a mini-spud to align holes in two different objects.

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