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Mail order tools from Lee Valley

I generally like to buy things from nearby. It strengthens the local economy and is easy to take something back if there is anything wrong with it. But I make an exception for a couple of companies. Lee Valley is one of them. The reason is that they do business as if they really care about their customers.

Their catalog and website highlights the strengths (and weaknesses) of the things they sell. I have not had to deal with their customer service, but every report I hear has been that they do whatever it takes to retain a satisfied customer.

What is more, they also design and build new innovative products. Some are improvements on existing ideas like their series of hand planes, and others are jigs and measuring tools which help get the job done better than before. With these qualities is it any wonder that they have outgrown their native Canada and spread to the US and beyond?

The best way to get acquainted with them is to visit their website http://www.leevalley.com/home.aspx and if you are interested, sign up to receive a catalog. The next woodworking catalog is due out in early September.

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