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Lemania 15TL Chronograph

Lemania 15TL Chronograph

Watches are a good example of the value of good design and making trade-offs. The watch shown is an example of one which is quite robust because of the original design decisions, and one which had a life of many decades with only minor revisions. This is not really the best example of this watch. The dial and the case of it have been cobbled together, but inside it ticks one of the more interesting chronograph movements. The 15TL is one of the earliest and most long-lived chronograph movements. It was developed in the early 1930's and shares more design features with pocketwatches than it does with wristwatches. One aspect of this is that it is big. It is 33.3 mm in diameter. With size comes greater accuracy as the balance wheel (which performs the function of the pendulum in a typical clock) is bigger and is less affected by minor variations in manufacture or movement of the watch. You can see how large it is and the "backward" orientation of the movement here:

what is inside

The larger design also results in a more reliable movement. Pieces are larger and stouter. Reliability is also designed in. The activation of the chronograph in this movement is primarily a linear action. Other chronographs, lacking the patent, use long curved levers to control the chronograph functions. Eventually they bend or twist. Lemania was brought in as part of the Omega group in the early 30's and this movement can be found in Omegas, Tissots and a few other watches of the period.

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  • Comments (6)

    Robert Warren:

    would like to find out where you got the Lemania 15 tl parts list. I am looking for the Lemania 15 cht list.


    robert warren
    los angeles

    Robert Ibanez:


    You can get a copy of the parts list if you are a member of th AWI.

    I own a 15TL with a different dial.

    Rod Faulkner:

    I own a wonderful Lemania chrono with many metric mesurements on the face, and have been told it is First WW (but do not really believe this)- it belonged to my grandfather (born circa 1895). I inherited it two years ago on the death of his son, and use it regularly, keeping good time and with annual servicing.
    I would be interested if anyone could throw more light on this watch. I could send photo if required.
    So far I have seen no other Lemania watch with similar face. The face is certainly 33.3mm in diameter as per the one shown with 15TL movement, but has Roman numerals in outer ring, with very small normal (Arabic) numerals reading 5, 10, 15, 20, etc for minutes. At top appears to be "TELLEMETRE 1 Km" and inner rings marked "BASE 100" and spiral rings starting at 20 and ending at 300 in counterclockwise direction!!.

    Hope someone can help and share knowledge.
    Many thanks.
    Rod Faulkner

    The Telemetre scale is used to measure distance using the difference between the speed of sound and the speed of light. The idea is to start the chronograph when you see something (a flash of lightning, a cannon firing) and then stop it when you hear the sound. The numbers on the dial will convert the time in seconds into a distance. Now we have more sophisticated instruments for measuring distance, but a telemeter dial, especially the spiral sort is an attractive and interesting feature. -Jack


    I also own a lemania watch with caliber 15-TL. I kindly ask for help where I can find/buy a part for this watch. Thanks in advance. Z.Blazun

    Mike Brooks:


    I have a Gold Lemania Torneau triple chronograph that I am trying to find information about. (i.e. model, value, etc.) I have been unable to find any information. It was my grandfather's.

    Thanks for any assistance,

    Mike Brooks


    У меня есть хронограф фирмы LEMANIA 1930-1940гг.

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