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Alcatraz - D block

D Block was the maximum security wing at Alcatraz. This is were prisoners were sent to isolate them from the rest of the prison. Here is how it looks these days:


The green doors at the end of the ground floor are the isolation cells which are sound and light insulated and have a cold steel floor for the prisoners to sleep on.

In this photo though, with the warm Western light streaming in, D block seemed to be one of the more pleasant areas of the prison, especially on the upper levels with a view of the Golden Gate. I suppose the question is whether the view would sustain you or merely taunt you about what you are missing.


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Ok, well to me the worst part is D block because of cell 14D and how it's colder than all the rest and how it has a feeling of overwhealming-ness. But i guess it's just me


I think that it is sad how it looks so good in the picture, but when I went there I stood in that same place but it is not open to the public because it is in such bad condition! No one is taking care of it! Before long Alcatraze is going to be gone! We need to do something before it is gone forever!

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