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A Simple Taxonomy of Blogs

Another post got me thinking about how to categorize the different types of information which go out in a blog, or which people seek from a blog. Since I have five fingers on my left hand I figured that was a reasonable limit. Looking to the left I notice that I have a couple of dozen categories. I'll have to do something about that. Anyway, after careful consideration consisting of walking my dog around the block here they are.

1) Provocative - stimulating thought, ideas or discussion.

2) Useful - things which are useful either in solving an immediate or future problem.

3) Edible - I'm amazed at the number of food blogs.

4) Funny - goes without saying.

5) Sexy - both the human and inanimate types of lust, desire or dreams. Includes gadgets and shoes.

Unfortunately I do not have a sixth finger or I'd use it to add:

6) Ranting - coherent or incoherent babbling and random abuse.

You could make the argument that rants can fall into category 1 as anti-examples (which is as intended) or category 4 if that stuff entertains you.

Did I get these categories right? Should I add, delete or modify any of them? Where does this post fall in the taxonomy F, E, S, U, P ?



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