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How Google Works

According to a patent just published at the end of March, there are a variety of methods. If you scroll down past the claims and get to the examples there is a lot to be learned . Here is an example of how it works:

[0039] Consider the example of a document with an inception date of yesterday that is referenced by 10 back links. This document may be scored higher by search engine than a document with an inception date of 10 years ago that is referenced by 100 back links because the rate of link growth for the former is relatively higher than the latter. While a spiky rate of growth in the number of back links may be a factor used by search engine to score documents, it may also signal an attempt to spam search engine. Accordingly, in this situation, search engine may actually lower the score of a document(s) to reduce the effect of spamming..
[0040] Thus, according to an implementation consistent with the principles of the invention, search engine may use the inception date of a document to determine a rate at which links to the document are created (e.g., as an average per unit time based on the number of links created since the inception date or some window in that period). This rate can then be used to score the document, for example, giving more weight to documents to which links are generated more often.
I've found that I've made many mistakes as far as getting this blog to rank well in google searches. Oh well. Too late to go back now.

Of course it goes without saying that the spammers are reading it too and taking notes.



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