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Passing Judgement

The other Jack pointed at this "ChangeThis" manifesto proposal and proclaimed it "interesting". My response is perhaps more judgmental. Here is the basic proposal:

What if you knew for certain that your idea to change some aspect of the world we live in would work? What would your idea be? What if there was a place where you could post your idea without fear; without criticism; without judgement? If I told you that together we can build a New Knowledge Web where these ideas can be posted along with your bio and links would you write something?

When I want to avoid judgment and criticism I simply turn off comments and trackbacks here. Maybe I'm missing the point, but isn't this already the "New Knowledge Web"? A $4.99 domain name and a few bucks a month for hosting and you have your own "New Knowledge Web". Maybe I'm an idiot, but I just don't see what is "New" about this. I don't see where the "Knowledge" is. And finally, I don't see why there is a need for a new "Web".

So, when I don't know something I might spend some time looking into it. What I found at his website didn't help clarify things much. It is filled with things like:

As long as thought poluters exist there will always be chaos in our world.
Basically if your thinking your dead in the creative area; so stop thinking and listen to your thoughts.
The Technological Age swooped in upon us and before we could truly understand its true nature big business saw the opportunity to take control of it; and it is a perceived false control of the Internet since nobody owns it in the first place.

Of course my favorite part is where he says:
Who knows we might even invite you to the exclusive membership of Sophistica as a contributing author.
Thanks, but no. I'm happy enough sitting here shouting into space by myself. The attempt to provide a walled garden where you are the gate keeper is a bit antithetical to the ends you profess. Again my apologies for the harsh words, but as I've said before, thinking is hard work. It is good to have someone to help you.


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Hello friend,
Thank you for your post; you drew attention to yourself and in the process got me votes for the manifesto. Oh did I tell you I won...And did I tell you that I'm a crazy old fart who doesn't give a damn what others think...but I love it when numb nuts like you who want to show off their critics skills use the grassroots work of others to try and get some sunshine...I don't know but let me tell you my friend you'd be better off sitting on a beach drinking beer and loathing in self pity than doing what you do here. This site is for the lame readers anyway who think you think you know it all. If you would like to do something worthy of my attention and that of my friends at least stick your neck out and suggest an idea and see what happens. Maybe people from all over the world will send you kind emails telling you that your on to something which is the whole point and perhaps that would be enough for you to retire on the beach with your beer.

If you ever need advice my friend you know where to find me.

Best_mchael Pokocky

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