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Cloud Computing on a Sunny Day

Well, the sun must be out, because my cloud computing has gone away. I tried to upload a photo to illustrate my previous post at my usual photo-hosting site today, but it appears to have flickered out of existence for a while.

Here I get to rant about two things. First, what is it with the whole name of cloud computing? Sure, it is easy to draw the cloud on a whiteboard, but it appears to be some sort of magic word these days and people are getting remarkably excited about something which has been around for a long long time (in tech-years).

The second rant (or maybe it is a lesson) is that when the cloud evaporates there is nothing left. Just blue sky and the sun - or should that be SUN(TM).

If you are running your business in the cloud you should certainly take backing up or otherwise arranging for that rare sunny day when the clouds disappear. Every cloud has a silver lining, so it would seem that there is a business opportunity for an on-the-premises system which backs up everything as it goes into the cloud so you can support yourself in sunny weather. Something sitting at the edge.


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    This is one of the cheesiest blog posts I've ever read.

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    But isn't one of the main benefits of Cloud Computing that you don't have to have on-premise systems?

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