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Build Your Own Diesel Motorcycle

Diesel Motorcycle

A couple of weeks back at the Maker Faire in San Mateo I ran across this home-build diesel motorcycle. It integrates a BMW automotive diesel engine (BMW 320D - 1995cc 4 cylinder turbo diesel rated at163 hp 251 ftlbs torque) and suspension from a BMW (paralever front end, etc.) It was built for an attempt at the diesel motorcycle land speed record later this year. The current record is somewhere around 105MPH. It would surprise me if it didn't smash that record, but who knows? I think I would have gone for a VW TDI motor instead - being lighter and likely smaller, but I guess it does make some sense to go all BMW especially if you are looking for sponsors.

You probably can't make it out unless you look at the bigger photo (click for big diesel motorcycle) but it is powered by biodiesel.

More about the motorcycle and its creators here: http://www.thecrucible.org/about/diemoto.html

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    Jack - what an interesting bike! I checked out the website and read a little more about Die Moto - very cool! Did you get to hear the bike run and rev? Seems like a loud toy and possibly uncomfortable for the rider, but I'm just looking at photos. It's probably much more impressive in person. What a great faire find for you - thanks for sharing!

    I am a Gambian of 22yrs old of age.I am an Electrical engineer whom under a research on electric motorcycle and try to made it a self rechargeable if it work on my side.I will therefore will like support and advice from you excellent company.
    Thank you i hope to hear from you.

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