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Error Error in Windows Vista


I got this error message today using Windows Vista. It is a new one to me. I'm wondering if there is an error report for errors in error reports. After tomorrow I'm back on WinXP and am looking forward to it. It is probably a case of "the devil you know" more than anything, but my Vista experience has been less than "WOW!"

In a way, the ultimate OS is one which is invisible. Vista is far from that. WinXP was much more understated and hasn't really let me down so I see no need for gratuitous change. Sometimes, as Mies said, "Less is More".


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I find my selfe in dead end with PWA and ProjectPro2007.
Now when I start using MS Vista.
On PWA-> in project center -> when I select my project and I want to Edit -> MS ProjectPro2007 opens -> so for OK-> but instead opening MS-Project and my project with tasks , it opens only a (default) first blank Project site.
On XP-pro, was working properly, but now with MS Vista, I find myself in trouble.
I was googling all over, but I haven’t found the same problem or solution for our problem.
For suggestion or solution of my problem, I thank You in beforehand.

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