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Gadget Day - The new sPOD Mano

I see guys like Josh getting all the goodies like the Jasjar phone thingy or the iPOD Nano and I think to myself, why don't I have a gadget blog? I mean, I have more than a dozen hammers of all types and descriptions so I know something about shiny (and not so shiny) metal stuff so here goes. My first Gadget Post.

The item for discussion today is known as the sPOD Mano. The stainless steel case/processor - YES IT DOES BOTH! - is in the shape of a truncated tetrahedron which is both functional and stylish. Each side offers a different face and function to the user. But the clean design of the device is nothing compared to the results that you can achieve with it. The fine gauge of steel used in this device is far superior to the heavier grades used in similar products available from more fashionable and expensive purveyors. Take a look at the picture and note that the potato threads have a delicate crenulation and a transparency only available from the matrix of slots which are formed at the precise pitch. I've tried other devices but none come close.
The sPOD can be used in any orientation, even in zero g environments, but for best results with something like, say a large russet, I use it upside-down allowing it to do most of the work on the powerful push stroke. It may seem counter-intuitive at first, but the ultralight design is most effective when it is in motion and your vegetable is held stationary.
For those just entering the world of vegetable transformation here is a starter recipe:
sPOD Hash Browns

  • Start with one large or two smaller russet potatoes
  • Scrub under cold running water until the dirt is removed
  • Remove any discolored or bruised spots with a paring knife
  • Using a large bowl to collate the output, feverishly rub the potato in long unbroken strokes along the selected surface of the sPOD
  • Gather the collated output and squeeze firmly to remove as much excess liquid as possible (note: this liquid can be gathered and the starch will settle out. After pouring out the excess water you can microwave the result and it will become a form of rudimentry plastic)
  • In a non-stick frying pan over medium/low heat scatter the potato threads in a warm pool of extra-virgin olive oil.
  • Cover for several minutes until any opacity is gone
  • Continue cooking until the bottom is golden brown and crispy.
  • Salt and flip
  • Serve and eat

  • The key to this recipe is the texture provided by the finely shredded potatoes and the step where the starchy liquid is removed. Skimping on either of these results in hash browns like those you can find frozen in a box. It is just not possible to do better without the sPOD mano. I've tried hacking more expensive versions, using a file to sharpen the edges or flattening the profile, but the results were not what I wanted.
    Next up: The End of the Garden Trowel


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    Wow, must get one of those. On second thoughts, no I don't. Gadgets are sooooo last year, like.

    Yay! Welcome to the gadget blogosphere, Jack! Great review. Can't wait for the next one. ;-)

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