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Project Examples Intermission

Previously I noted that examples are useless because projects and project teams are unique. This is only half true. There are things which can be learned/plagarized from existing projects. To this end Microsoft kindly provides a number of built-in templates for a number of different types of projects. Project 2002 offers the following list and I believe 2003 expands on this list.

  • Commercial Construction template
  • Engineering template
  • Home Move template
  • Infrastructure Deployment template
  • Microsoft Active Directory Deployment template
  • Microsoft Exchange 2000 Deployment template
  • Microsoft Office XP Corporate Deployment
  • Microsoft SharePoint Portal Server Deployment
  • Microsoft Windows XP Deployment template
  • MSF Application Development template
  • New Business template
  • New Product template
  • Office Move template
  • Project Office template
  • Residential Construction template
  • Software Development template
  • Software Localization template
  • A brief look at the templates for the work I'm familiar with shows them to be rather basic and they are certainly missing some things I consider important, however for general format, for how resources should be assigned, and for how tasks can be linked they are decent examples to copy or start from.

    You can find the templates by going to the "file" menu, choosing "new" and then selecting the new from template option which you prefer. You can also find the templates on the web at http://office.microsoft.com/en-us/templates/CT011359421033.aspx.

    I'd say they are definitely worth checking out if you are just learning project and want to see what your project schedule should end up looking like. I'd also check out the deployment templates as those are something that Microsoft does have some expertise in.


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    send me some MSproject Examples


    msproject examples

    Subbu Neti:

    I am looking for samples of project schedules for a commercial ground-up construction project including utilities, metal buildings, roadways, etc.


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