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Mmmmmm... Peet's Coffee and search logs

As I fixed myself a big mug of Peet's Sumatra coffee I took a break to check my logs. One of the first things I saw was that someone arrived here via this google search:


Most searches which bring people here are rather mundane and consist of a word or two so I get curious when I see something with more depth than "Free PMBOK" coming across the wires. "Peets Coffee and Tea employee dissatisfaction blog" has some intrigue about it. I wondered if there was something going on behind the bar that I was not aware of, after all Peets has gotten more commercial and bigger in the 20 years since I stood outside their shop on Walnut and Vine. The more you grow the more likely someone in the organization is not happy.

Then I wondered where this search might be coming from. Is it a Peet's employee having a bad day and looking for someone to commiserate with? Well actually no. A quick check on the IP shows:

OrgName: Starbucks Coffee Company
Address: 2401 Utah Avenue South
Address: Mailstop: S-IT7
City: Seattle
StateProv: WA
PostalCode: 98134
Country: US

Hey Starbucks guys, put down that half-caf non-fat toffee-mocha-peppermint-peanutbutter frappuchino and have a cup of Peets. You'll feel better!

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