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From the world of Finance comes the news that Bull-Dog Sauce Co. is a take-over target (see quote below). It is not a surprise to me. It is not management though which is the problem. It is the products themselves. A look at the label of Bull-dog tonkatsu sauce shows that it is composed of high-fructose corn syrup.


The rival brand Kagome lists:


(tomato, carrot, onion, apple, lemon, garlic)


Is it any wonder?

In general, companies with a specific profile are an easy target for corporate M&As: Their stock is priced relatively low in spite of their technical capabilities; they employ overly optimistic corporate strategies; they do not make effective use of their assets; or they have much retained earnings.

An example in this mold is Bull-Dog Sauce Co., the nation's leading sauce maker, which has become the target of a takeover bid by U.S. investment fund, Steel Partners Japan Strategic Fund. To avoid such a situation, management should properly tackle difficult tasks, such as implementing management reforms, improving corporate value, increasing the aggregate market value of shares and preparing measures against buyout attempts. Source: The Daily Yomiuri


Image borrowed from Alice's Tonkatsu blog entry

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