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5:00 PM and just getting started

This is one of those days. I thought it would be a good idea to travel to the client a day early just to make sure things were ready for what I'm doing tomorrow. I booked an early flight because last week I waited 4 hours in the airport so that the plane I was going to ride on could come in from Chicago, so I figured the first flight out would be safe. But it wasn't. It was cancelled.

After hassles at check-in on the airline that United finally booked me on because they had nothing until 6:00 PM (?!!?!!), and a detour through Vegas I landed and had to wait for a couple of rental car shuttle busses to pass by (full-up) and then waited in a slow moving line until I was offered upgrades and fueling options and insurance and etc... until I hopped into the car and at last made it to the client where the infrastructure that needed to be set up was stalled and not progressing. So we started over from scratch. And all is fine ... now...



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