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All your page are belong to us

Google is now hosting free webpages - well, they have provided some and are now oversubscribed, but if you want to see what it look likes here is an example from the ever enthusiastic Josh Bancroft:

jabancroft - Josh Bancroft's Google Page

I'm not sure why Josh claims it is cool, new and fancy or web 2.0, but I suppose it would be boring if it wasn't all of those things even if it really doesn't seem to be any of them to me.

 It looks like a good way to get kids on the web though. Free is always a good strategy for getting people to try something new.


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End page itself is ugly, and very 1998/Web 1.0.

But the editor/backend is all done in Ajax. Think FrontPage implemented in your browser. THAT's the cool/Web 2.0 part. :-)

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