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Heard at Starbucks just outside Seattle

Loyal readers know I'm a Peet's coffee fan but sometimes there is no choice.
Here is what I heard the other day:

"This is a very sad day today, we are giving up starbucks"
"Don't you like us anymore?"
"No we do, that is why we came in today. We are giving it up because we want to save money."
"I was just talking about you yesterday. I was telling my friend I call you my posse."
"It will last for about three weeks. We've tried before."
  • Mmmmmm... Peet's Coffee and search logs

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    Dave Loeber:

    Do you know of a way to modify the export used to analyze time scaled information in Excel? I have a need to capture and manipulate the field "Work Variance" from MS Project to do a calculation in the newly created spreadsheet called timescaled data when I use this export utility in project.
    Thanks in advance for any help you can provide
    Dave Loeber


    Hello Jack! I just ran across your name in the HeadFirst PMP Free Exam! I had to track you down and leave you a comment! Hope you're well!

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