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Shortest day of the year - Winter Solstice

Today is the shortest day of the year and for many cultures there is a celebration around this time, all springing from the fact that the light of the sun is returning to the world.


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Elle Vuitton:

Hi Jack... can't get you on your email (as per you site)

Firstly, you are god send... thank you for posting all those wonderful VB codes on the net.... the one I am particulary intersted in is the Monte Carlo simulator that works between Project and Excel. I have followed the instructions but when I run the macro it has an error

For Each t In exportedTasks

I haven't got a clue about VBA I just thought this would look pretty good in my degree VIVA... which it will if I can get it to work... there maybe other issue once this is rectified but hopefully not. I hope you are available to help me please.

Thank you sooooo much.


Elle Vuitton:

Hi Jack
Hope you got my last email, I need some help with your montecarlo simulation VBA please? Thanks Elle.

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