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Trouble in Paradise

Ah, the troubles this thing causes. Notes insisting I remove things are always such a headache. I generally try hard to keep things anonymous and generic and non-controversial. I reveal no secrets except my own and even those I'm guarded with because as you know, nothing is secret on the internet.

In the interest of keeping secrets secret I'm not even going to tell you what I'm talking about. But I am going to tell you that even as bad as I feel getting email from angry people, there are more bright sides to it.

This week one of my readers from Texas came up and said hello. Last week a person I had just met who was sitting next to me at a meeting had my blog up on his screen. And the week before at an unnamed location an unnamed person said he reads my blog too. It is an odd feeling, one which makes you wonder what preformed impression they have based on the narrow stream of information that I pour out here. But the fact that they told me they read it does seem to indicate that they must at least find what I write useful or interesting.


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Neil Simmons:

I don't know what you are talking about but I do appreciate your comment about nothing being secret on the internet. I run an estate agency in Bangkok and up until about 3 months ago I ran another estate agency with a business partner. I was unhappy with my partners input levels and so left, to start up a new company Ideal Homes.

I am now actively writing articles and blogs in my spare time. I find that my business partner is copying everything I do. If I write a comment, he writes one too on the same article/blog.

The problem here is because there is a very good SEO website, www.domain-pop.com, that allows to to see the links of any domain, including your competition, and to sort the links in order of Page Rank. My business partner is using this to see what I'm doing, and copying it.

To prove a point, if my comment gets posted on your blog, which is a PR5, then I guarantee you that my business partner will try to copy what I'm doing and try to submit his own comment on this blog. The company is Soho Properties.

Please don't post his comment, as I would like to get one up on him.

So yes, I too am annoyed with the lack of internet secrecy.

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