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Abalone Monster Monster Man

It appears that one of my abalone shell photographs got posted on a Korean site. So I turned to google translations to see what they were saying. To my great surprise they were saying:

"Becomes intoxication and to bedspread ^ ^ marine products series thiss time which it sees the expensive clam (there is not creepy visual)

The bedspread which is not the possibility of stopping an ocean living thing loading. When the international situation which is not countermeasure or the women or the young students encounter to read a news and the feeling picks and also the fortune [toy] sees these pictures and exclamation the feeling carries will be born with more or less but Deyo. Even to various minutes there will be a minute is like that effect and. Of course current problem or the historical problematic Edo it wants intruding and the finger does not get the dreamy frame well! the reel only is not being taken up the place desire which is intention.

Aem the thought is born in indebtedness but also the monster monster man series which to the [su] comes out to the [phu] sees revival will do again. Inquiry possibility it was low but…

It sleeps,… To bedspread time Deyo which is not the creepy thing. In the marine products is expensive the crossroad name difficulty food the ramyon ear shell [keyss] [cyo].

It probably is like that why, if it does not know and the army bedspread which the enormous marine products prescribed form does plentifully in California. ; ; ; The dignity California ear shell the length becomes 23cm B. The winter bud hour Ah San ear shell shell where we are familiar size comparison it puts in inside the hazard California mountain shell, [noh] [ass] the [cyo]. It is once checking trying [keyss] [sup] [ni] where the abalone porridge which it sells from California probably is cheaper." (source: http://djuna.cine21.com)

It probably is like that why if it does not know. Google translations has a loooong way to go. And lucky readers I should have new abalone and sea urchin pictures to add to the monster monster man series at the end of the month!

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    Hilarious and sad at the same time!

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