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Are we not men?

Just finished reading "The Island of Dr. Moreau" by H.G. Wells and "Holes" by Louis Sachar. They are not really related at all except in the literary trick of isolating the characters in inaccessible locations - an equatorial island in the first and a dry lake bed in the second. The Island of Dr. Moreau was notable for a couple of reasons. It is quite a seminal story and one can see echoes of it in more recent works. The following passage seems to be referenced by both Orwell and Devo:

"Not to go on all-Fours; that's the law. Are we not Men?"
"Not to suck up Drink; that's the law. Are we not Men?"
"Not to chase other Men; that's the law. Are we not Men?"

If you are cheap you can read the etext (click link above). It is a quick read.

Holes holds a different sort of interest. It is almost like a bit of magical realism for young people and Sachar does a great job of lacing all the elements of the story together. Also a quick read and should be available in any local library.



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