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New Fields in Microsoft Project 2010

To accomodate the new features in Project 2010 there have been some new fields introduced. Here they are with some idea of what they are used for:

  • Active - Used to designate if a task is active or inactive. A great new way to deal with conditional schedules, agile development, what-if analysis. I'm working up a post on this.
  • Task Mode - Used to determine if a task is to be manual scheduled or whether they should follow the built-in CPM scheduling algorithm.
  • Scheduled Start - Used for Manually scheduled tasks. Start, Finish and Duration are optional for manually scheduled tasks.
  • Scheduled Finish - as above
  • Scheduled Duration - as above
  • Warning - Used with manually scheduled tasks if the timing or sequencing of tasks would be considered an issue (ie: dependency issues, summary doesn't match subtasks etc.) - See my webcast in the previous post for an example of using this field.
  • Ignore Warnings - Pretty much what it says....
  • Baseline Estimated Start 0-10 - Estimated Baselines are how manually scheduled task information is stored in a baseline. Regular baselines are used for automatically scheduled tasks.
  • Baseline Estimated Finish 0-10 - as above
  • Baseline Estimated Duration 0-10 - as above.

    Note that the Active field is a Project Professional only feature, so if you have Project Standard you may not be able to do anything with it. I'm not sure how Project Standard will handle reading a file from Project Professional which uses this feature but I'm sure we will find out when it is released.

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