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Top Ten Reasons to Install Microsoft Project 2010 Service Pack 1

The Microsoft Project and Project Server 2010 Service Pack 1 were released today. You can read about it here: announcing-the-release-of-service-pack-1-sp1-for-microsoft-project-and-project-server-2010 To entice you to read the article and get yourself up to date (after a reasonable testing period of course) I present my list of the top ten reasons to install SP1. Without out it you face these potential problems:
  1. Saving a file in the Project 2007 format can corrupt the file.
  2. Project is very slow to respond when you sychronize with a SharePoint Tasks list.
  3. After you set up a new baseline, the "Baseline Work" and "Work" values do not match.
  4. When you remove leveling, pinned tasks that have actuals are moved.
  5. You are editing a project plan that is stored on a remote computer when the remote computer becomes disconnected. You are prompted to save the file locally, and you click OK. If you cancel the save process, any future saves will cause a crash.
  6. When the Team Planner view is opened, Project stops responding.
  7. When you have more than one project open and connected to the server and you save a baselines in one of the plans, the timephased baseline data in the other plan is changed.
  8. Text fields are not visible for a project that is saved in Project 2007 format in Project 2010 and then opened in Project 2007.
  9. Project does not refresh earned values (such as BCWS) when you click F9.
  10. Data corruption occurs for custom number fields.
Seems reason enough
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    And reason to damage pf MSPS. :)



    I heard that SP1 also resolved the Auto Scheduled Task Sync Issue with Sharepoint Calendar, is it True?

    I believe that is the case, but with any thing, test it first before you believe it. -Jack

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