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Free Monte Carlo Simulator For Microsoft Project - Want to help out?

I don't think I've mentioned it here, but if you are interested in Monte Carlo Simulation for MS Project (and who isn't?!) then you can download my quick and dirty simulator here: Microsoft Project Monte Carlo Simulator
Since it is just a VBA macro, the source is there for all to see and modify. Have at it! And if you make any improvements, please consider sharing them with me and others. Any updates will be posted with acknowledgement to the contributor. I've had this version up for a couple of years now and will keep it up until this function comes built into Project.


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Since I'm a lazy load, could you send along the excel file to go with the MCS code. We're using Risk+ and @Risk for Project, both of which are touchy things. Our .mpp file has 8,000 or so activties so it would be fun (a diversion from trying to tune our plan to meet the launch dates) to have this macro run along side the others.

I'll send back a sample from all three when we submit next week. We need to show an 80% confidence date for the docking at ISS in 2012.

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