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Microsoft Office Project 2007 Webcasts coming up

Treb's blog notes that there are a couple of interesting webcasts coming up.

The first is an overview of Office Project Server 2007, presumably covering what you need to know about how all of the server and client processes tie together. The description states:

"Microsoft Office Project Server 2007 has a new architecture, enabling the system and solution to provide new functionality and capabilities. This webcast provides an overview of the architecture of Project Server 2007, and looks at how the new system functions. We also examine how Project Server 2007 differs from Microsoft Office Project Server 2003, and identify where developer opportunities exist."

You can register for it here:

Architecture Overview of Office Project Server 2007 (Level 100) Monday, May 08, 2006 11:00 AM Pacific Time (US & Canada)

The second is a Project 2007 Preview:

"This session is not your typical Deep Dive--it's a preview of what's coming in the next version of Project (P2007). Discussion will center on new features in P2007 and a focus on planning for resource management - planning your organizational needs, and best practices for decision making regarding resources.

The Project Deep Dive Series is meant to provide an in-depth look at current business topics that most affect Project Managers/Directors and how to leverage Microsoft's tools and project management best practices to effectively address these topics."

Register for it here:

Project 2007 Preview Tuesday, May 23, 2006 10:00AM Pacific Time (US & Canada)

I think that the Architecture session hosted by Larry Duff might be the more interesting one, but try them out and see. You can always keep it on in the background if it gets boring. One thing is certain and that is that Microsoft is trying to get deeper into the world of work and trying to get better integration with other apps.

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