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Microsoft Project 2007 VBA Help now Available Online

Microsoft Project 2007 (and the rest of Office 2007) were released over the weekend (Nov. 12, 2006) and while it will take until early next year to make it through the retail channels you can at least get started with perusing the help files. The last version of Office started a trend towards on-line help which I feel is somewhat inconvenient when you are not working on a network, but at least it allows them to keep the help up to date. And as a side benefit, it is available to all, even if you don't have the program. This used to be a sore spot for the VBA help as it only got installed through a custom install, something some corporate IT departments overlooked.

For example to access the help files for Microsoft Project 2007 VBA you can go to this URL:

The lcid=1033 at the end notes that the language is English. Change that to 1041 for Japanese. I'm not sure if any of the content is up for other languages, but you can poke around and see for yourself.

The regular help for Project 2007 itself can be found here:

From here it is a simple matter to look around at the rest of the online help for office. Check these entries for Excel and Word:
Excel Help: http://office.microsoft.com/client/helphome.aspx?ns=excel&lcid=1033
Excel VBA Help: http://office.microsoft.com/client/helphome.aspx?ns=excel.dev&lcid=1033
Word Help: http://office.microsoft.com/client/helphome.aspx?ns=winword&lcid=1033

Just extend the pattern and you can find help on any Office 2007 product. This is a great resource so take advantage of it and have fun!!

UPDATE: Looking a bit deeper, this approach also appears to allow the help writers an excuse on their deadlines since they can always "post it tomorrow" and in the case of some new objects like workweek, it looks like that is what they are going to do...:-(

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    There are lots of reasons to dislike online help. It requires internet access (not always permitted in all organizations). It is glacial (potentially made worse by the connection speed).

    And it, as you said, lets the writers postpone delivery of real help while populating the source with numerous stubs --- not all of which work.

    Try this link:

    Now, click on the hotspot for "View method".

    This happened after only 2 minutes of searching for some specific info.

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