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Project Users

Microsoft Project users are not always a happy bunch. It often seems like they come across it by accident:

microsoft project got no idea what the hell is that... only know i need to master it when boss is back... hiazz... dunno can find pirated copy of it anot... den can at least try abit at home mahz... this IA learn so many software... haha... should be of use bah... next time.. haha

Or, they know they have to use it, but it just isn't doing what they want:

I hate MS Project
For some reason, Microsoft Project thinks my project doesnt have a critical path….this is pissing me off.

Why does it make people post things like this?:

Microsoft Project is a PIECE OF SH-T.

That is all.

That is all. :-)


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Joël Séguin:

I don't know how to use an oscilloscope, but I'll never say it's a piece of crap because I don't wan't to take the time to learn how to use it properly. I hope you don't base your rants about "only garbage goes in" and such on these testimonials...



I posted these because I think they are mildly humorous. But I do think that they do illustrate the main problem with project. People do not take the time to learn it well before they have to use it. It does require more than pointing and clicking to do it right. Education is essential. That is why I devote at least part of this site to helping people learn more about it.

I'm serious when I say it takes two years of experience with project to be competent.

Just saw your post, about my post. I have to use Microsoft Project for my university course, and after following their tutorials (based on Project 98 when we are all using 2003), we where launched into using it for our projects.

Every so often the critical path shows up, (which is required for the course to be marked), but it disappears again.

Its not like the other Microsoft Office applications, which you can quite easily learn, and thats probably where the frustration kicks in.


may i know the formula to calculate the %plan and %actual in microsoft project ?
Because i compare microsoft project with excell, and i have to know the formula microsoft project to calculate the % plan and % actual.
I want to make excell , using the formula with the same with microsoft project formula.

for example:

%plan = from ... duration ....* ...*... etc.
%actual= from .....

%plan header from : .....


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