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Microsoft Project Tips: Hiding Resource Percentages

Once in a while the resource percentage showing on the task bar becomes too much. If you are wondering what I mean, take a look at this screen shot:


See how each resource has the percentage shown after it? That happens whenever the resource is not assigned at exactly 100% to the task. When you update your schedule with actual work it is very likely that the resource will not longer be at a perfect 100%. The simple answer is to change the barstyle so that the text shown is the Resource Initials rather than the resource name. To do this, go to the format menu and select barstyles. Select the bar you want to edit and click on the Text tab in the bottom half. Change resource names to resource initials. Now, there is one more thing to do. Go to the resource sheet. Make sure it shows the resource intials column. Select the resource name column, then choose "copy" or CTRL+C. then select the resource initials column and paste CTRL+V the information into that column.

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    Alisa Acosta:

    I am using MS Project 2007 and Project Server 2007.
    Steps I am taking to build a team:

    1. Build a team (in either ms project or ms server gets the same result)
    2. In ms project I am assigning resources using the Assign Resources button.
    3. When I assign hours to one person it is assigning to hours to all the team members.

    How do I turn off this setting? This problem does not happen with everyone, have already tried it with Vista and XP operating systems. Same result with either.
    Thank you!

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