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Views and Tables in Microsoft Project

There is often some confusion about the difference between a view and a table in Microsoft Project. This should help clarify the difference between the two.

A view consists of a number of potential elements:

A screen (the right side typically, but may include splits. Also includes any special formatting for that screen such as modified barstyles etc.)
A table (the data displayed on the right side
A group (optional)
A filter (typically "All tasks" but may be anything you want)

Different views may access the same table or group or filter or screen but may use a different combination.
Modifying a table will affect all views which use that table.
For this reason, and because I frequently add/remove columns, it is good practice to build a specific table for each view. For example you might build a presentation view which uses a table and filter customized to show only the elements you want to present, or a print view etc.

The data displayed in the table or view does not belong to the table. It is present in the file and is only displayed in the table, so deleting columns in the table does not delete that information. Deleting a row however will delete the information.

This information is the same for all versions of Project, with the exception of Project 98 and earlier which did not have grouping.

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    Nico van de Kamp:


    Can you help how to change the fontcolor of MS Project cell. I'm walking through all the to compare the date with some other date. And if it is different I copy one to he other to make it the same. That works fine but I want to change the font color as well like the following example:

    Sub SelectTaskRows()
    Dim tskT As Task


    For Each tskT In ActiveProject.Tasks

    'This doesn't work, but just to give a impression what I mean!
    tskT.Start Font Color:=pjRed
    Next tskT

    End Sub


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