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Simplicity is a virtue

Glen will probably be disappointed. But here is what I am using as an ultra-cheap rugged color pocket pc as I described in my last post:
Compared to an electronic version of the same, this has much lower cost (~$1.00) and is far more rugged. It can calculate (at least given the proper user) but it slower than an electronic one. The screen can fold out into as many windows as you would like. Other than displaying multimedia, playing games or storing large quantities of information (ebooks or databases for example) I can't think of any significant differences. Since I don't typically need to do any of those things with something I carry with me I'm happy with what I have.

The advantage over a notebook or more formal organizer are:

  • Ability to easily sort, export, archive and delete data
  • Ability to spread things out or easily bring important items to the forefront.
  • Simplicity - I found with a traditional organizer that unless you have a highly scheduled life with many appointments there is a lot of white space and unless you continually move things forward, activities in the past can drop out of sight.
  • The pile of completed tasks forms a tangible indicator of whether or not you are getting anything done.

    At present I am satisfied with it. Of the virtues listed above, simplicity is the one I value most.



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    Ron Jeffries of XP fame has a similar pocket PC, but yours has much cooler colors

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