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Free PMBOK Download - This nonsense thing

For some reason my article on why there is no "free PMBOK Download" gets the most irate comments. Most of them I can't publish, and the rest of them claim I am full of nonsense. I guess people don't like to be told that something does not exist. Next up on my list: "The Easter Bunny".


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Because nobody wants to admit the PMI organization is "not for profit" when they see fit....I love your site.


Hamed Vaziri:

please send me on my inbox


I think it is the title that is confusing. For the people who look for PMBOK free download, the title is misleading. "Free PMBOK Download". Just change the title and I think all the nonsense comments will stop. :-)

Jadson Louzeiro:

I can do download PMBOK2005, i study like test PMP.


I want to know about pmbok, so plaese advise me
If you join PMI, you will get free access to the PMBOK. Otherwise you can purchase it from PMI or Amazon.com -Jack


Please send me PMBOK text
thanks alot

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