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How to cheat on the pmp exam?

OK, I know people are out there looking for free study material and even bootleg copies of the PMBOK, but it is a bad sign for the profession when I get people coming to this site trying to find out "how to cheat on the pmp exam":

Whoever is out there searching google for:
you have lowered my respect for you by at least a notch or two. Spend some of the energy you are currently using to game the exam to study a bit. It isn't that hard. Read the dumb Guide to the PMBOK and take some notes. Study the terminology used. That should cover it. If you think that you need to cheat to pass it, you have already failed.

I'm even more convinced that the whole PMP certification is just a scam.

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    FYI - I will be mentioning your blog and in particular this post in the upcoming show of The Project Management Podcast. The show will be available at http://pmpodcast.blogspot.com.

    F**k you:

    F**k you

    (Note: Edited for content! Some people get mad when you say they are cheaters)

    Martin Fawls:

    The word 'cheat' is used in video gaming to mean hints as well as cheating, so it makes sense to search on it as a means to finding test taking hints.

    However, as far as studying for the PMP rather than trying to find hints and shortcuts my question is 'why'?The fact that having extensive project management experience is a detriment on this test tells the true tale of the worth of this certification as far as being a measure of project management skills. It is simply another corporate 'must do' that has arbitrarily been awarded recognition. Why should anyone waste valuable time to learn content that has little professional value? The PMP is not testing conceptual knowledge it is nitpicking definitions; many of which have different meanings in other professional contexts such as systems development and risk management. If the PMP tested on concepts and real knowledge then it couldn't be 'gamed' and 'cheaters' would defeat themselves by that approach.


    I typed in 'PMP certification hints' ... does that me a bad person.

    I am a great PM (and have ADHD), but not so great with tests, especially standardized ones. Looking for hints on the ... NEVER straight forward comprehension questions... is that so wrong?

    Cheating is completely wrong in any situation... I think it is the last thing covered in all PMP materials, uh... ethics I think?

    it doesnt really matter:

    I beliieve this does not go under the professional and social responsibilities of project managers, and I am not sure if reporting such trap to pmi will much help either parties, but what were you thinking when you spent that effort? did you imagine that someone who was really searching for cheeting would feel bad about him/herself when reading your comment or were you after the ones who were interested in just seeing what are you talking about in a CBT, in anyways this was not ethical or professional sorry, you missed that one. It is not an appreciated effort and even it doesnt count.

    Love yourself, the universe will love you


    I'm like probably most people who reached here, looking for mneumonic devices and such to help you remember terms and words. The last I remember, those aren't cheats.

    And I concur the earlier comment about PMP certification pretty much being a total waist and a money maker. I hold an MBA and had project management as part of my course work and I can say everything PMP involves I received under my MBA and BBA. It is a sham. The only person who should be required to have a PMP certification are those with associates or no degrees at all to bring them up to speed on subjects related to PMP. I personally feel like I have had to get my MBA twice because companies who want the PMP won't recognize an MBA, though I more thoroughly schooled and experienced project management than their program. I hold over 10,000 - 15,000 hours of project management and I still have to have the PMP.


    Blue Rocket:

    PMP is nothing but a scam. Its a way to make money but handing out certifications. If the PMI was serious about the certification, they would not have had an inflated price. Its nothing but a monopolistic practice.....The exam costs $405 for PMI members and $555 for non-members. The annual fees for PMI membership is $119. What a scam. FO!


    Oh, gee! You've lost respect for me! Oh, woe, woe, woe is me! My heart is breaking. No, wait a minute, it's not.

    Why is that, I wonder? Perhaps it's because I don't know who you are, except for someone who does a self-serving little blog (Hire me! Hire Me! Puh-lease hire M-E-E-E-E!!. Perhaps it's becuase you appear to be a self-satisfied, moralistic little prig. Perhaps, it's because I don't really care what you think. I dunno.

    Good news, though. There are several ways to you can get over your deep disappointment with me. You might, for example, consume excreta and expire. Thank you for your early attention to this matter.


    I passed the PMP in the firest time , I used PMP mind map and PMP ITTO,
    check out this site :

    and they have good blog

    www.pmeassociation.com /blog


    How do you cheat at scam? I mean lets be real here you don't become a good project manager by studying and taking classes by PMI which is only trying to make money pimping their product.

    It is a bit like saying someone is a cheat because they tried to count card in a card game where the dealer is using a market deck....

    The whole thing of PMP certification is a scam, any certification loses all credibility when the company offering the certification just so happens to offer the testing material and courses to maintain the certification.

    Aceof Spade:

    Wrote the PMP exam, dind't pass on 1st try. Not fair that it doesn't provide the details of the questions you've answered incorrectly.
    I had many questions correctly on the exam since I've studied for 3 months and can answer questions by the teacher, on the fly.
    I've conducted the PMBOK guide exam booklet and had 85-90% on every chapter. Conducted 400 questions and had a score of 80%.
    I am very suspicious since my teacher says, there's only a 45% passing rate on writing the exam on the 1st try. This is very low. To me, this is a cash grab since the exam results are not exposed and fail you in order to come and fork out another $275US to re-write. This is a scam and PMI should be audited and investigated.

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